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Selasa, 20 Januari 2009

Robert Pattinson's kiss of death
Millions of girls from around the world think that Robert Pattinson is the hottest guy on the planet.
The Twilight star can understand why they find his character Edward Cullen so sexy.
When he was asked by InStyle magazine what's so sexy about vampires he replied: "The danger.
An affair with a vampires ends with the kiss of dead.
Perhaps it also has got something to do with the naked neck (giggles).
"In Twilight I don't even look like a vampire, just like a strange guy.
"Robert seems to make the mistake of thinking that he has no fans his own age.
He told the magazine: "My fans are hundred percent female and either younger than twelve or older than thirty-five.
"My mum still thinks I'm an idiot (laughs). I'd say I am unconcerned, casual, un-vain." Robert Pattinson's kiss accidentThings don't always go smoothly for Twilight star Robert Pattinson.
Robert had an accident whilst kissing Kristen Stewart.
The Twilight director admitted in an interview with Okay magazine: "In one of the kissing scenes, Rob got a little passionate and fell off the bed.
"We don't think Kristen's boyfriend Michael Angarano will like that one bit.
People already talk as if Kristen is Rob's girlfriend even though Michael has been dating her for years.
That wasn't the only time Rob hurt himself playing Edward Cullen.Rob had to stuff his pants with groin padding because the harness he wore to fly hurt some of his sensitive parts.Ouch.
Robert Pattinson's Angelina claim
Robert Pattinson seems to think that Kristen Stewart is going to be a better actress than Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes.Robert told Popstar! magazine: "I think Kristen is amazing!
She's going to be the best film actress."I think she's the most exciting actress of her group of actresses.
"She's pretty much the main reason why I wanted to do this (Twilight).
"When Rob was asked what vampire skill he would love to have he said: "I was thinking I'd like to have a suit for jumping.
"That'd be quite cool if I could jump really high."I'd be jumping around all the time. I'd probably get bored of it after a while!"
credit to:www.myparkmag.co.uk